Dbq- 1700 Distinct Regions

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In America, all the states came together to create one unified group, but each colony is dissimilar and unique. Going back to the mother country England, Puritans wanted to purify the Anglican Church because they believed not everyone should be part of the church. They sought refuge in New England to worship their own religion. Others desired a change in lifestyle. Englishmen saw the Chesapeake as a place to make profit. Despite originating from the same area, New England and the Chesapeake evolved into two distinct societies at two different rates. Although New England and the Chesapeake regions were settled largely by people of English origin, by 1700 the regions had evolved into two distinct societies due to demographic, motivational, political, and geographical differences. From the beginning New England and Chesapeake settlers started off creating their colonies disparately. Unlike Puritans of New England, settlers destined for the Chesapeake region migrated individually. (Document C) Since settlers came to the Chesapeake with the intention of not staying for long, they traveled alone, not with families. At a six to one ration, mostly men left England to seek profit from gold and tobacco. (Document C) Therefore, men competed for the vague amount of women in the Chesapeake. New England Puritans came to America with a long-term planned idea. Young-aged migrants bound for America traveled in large families creating social and family stability. (Document B) Settlers planned their towns with homes and a meeting house for various town functions because the Puritans were in New England to stay. More and more women and children were brought over to the new world, creating a tight-knit close society. Among the colonists, people with various occupations traveled for a well balanced society including ministers, tailor, and farmers. (Document B) The regions
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