Dbq 11 Germany Analysis

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Key question 9 Part A a) The purpose of this text is to present the reasons for the controversy over whether the mass bomb raids on Germany were a good thing. b) The passage informs us that the plan was to force Germany to surrender by destroying it’s cities and industries to lower civilian morale and to lessen Germany’s ability to finance and engage in the war. It also states that although 600,000 Germans were killed and over five million were left homeless, the Germans continued to fight in the war with very little impact on their effectiveness. c) The words “vast destruction and heavy loss of life” is a generalization. Although the text gives numbers in the final sentence they are not exact numbers. d) The phrase “crush civilian…show more content…
f) I believe that the museum should change the text to communicate the fact in a less emotionally charged way, avoiding emotional words like “crush”, “vast destruction” and “homeless”. The same information could be presented in a more unemotional and detached way. If left the way it was it insults Canadian war veterans and should be changed out of respect for them. Part B a) Three ideas that remain the same in both versions are: * The mass bombings are controversial * The mass bombings destroyed cities and industries in Germany * 600,000 Germans were left dead and over 5 million were left homeless b) The new version states that the bombings had wide public and political support, that advances in technology and other Allied successes led to improved results and that the attacks diminished success by weakening their economic and military resources. These three pieces of information all sounded more positive toward the
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