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DBQ: What led to the rise of political parties in the 1790’s? Throughout American History, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were two very important figures. However, they both believed in their own political systems, and they debated on which is better for the Americans. The documents help us see what each believed in, and this led to the rise of political parties. Thomas Jefferson believed in the Democratic-Republican parties. He believed in state’s rights, and not just one central government that control everything. Right from the start, in document 1, Jefferson shows his disapproval of Hamilton’s monarchist government. He outright says that Hamilton is in support of a monarch based on corruption. In December of 1794, Jefferson writes a letter about Hamilton’s excise tax. The tax was hated “universally”, including people involved in government (Document 3). Alexander Hamilton believed in one government; a centralized government that controlled over the land. In 1792, he says in a letter that Jefferson and supporters were dangerous to America’s government. Jefferson didn’t believe in paying debts that came from foreign policies, and Hamilton believed that to be dangerous. In 1796, George Washington gave his “Farewell Address”. He tells the people before him that he will not be running for a third term, but he also provides a warning about political parties. He believes that these parties are “Evil” because of their effects. It causes small problems that aren’t needed, and they build up into riots and rebellion. The disagreeing factions led to the rise of political parties. Today, we have political parties such as the Republican and Democratic parties. They serve as two major parties in

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