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Position Paper for the Economic and Social Council The topics before the Economic and Social Council are: Confronting Family Poverty and Social Exclusion; Strengthening Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance and Relief; and Millennium Development Goal 2 and Increasing Access to Education. The Argentine Republic is highly dedicated to develop its economy by addressing these-issues. I. Confronting Family Poverty and Social Exclusion The Argentine Republic strongly believes that the role of family is essential in the social and economic development of a nation. Impoverished families are usually socially excluded and sometimes exclusion can lead to poverty as well. Gender inequality plays a major role in cutting short educational and employment opportunities for females in a society. Lacking proper professional skills, these females then fall below the poverty line. Several policies in Argentina have been successful in tackling these issues. As gender discrimination has always served as an obstruction for females trying to reach their optimum capacity, Argentina focused on accomplishing Millennium Development Goal 3 (MDG3) to “promote gender equality and empower women” so that family poverty and social exclusion can be reduced. Following Brazil’s lead, Argentina created specialized police units to reduce violence against women. The Argentine Republic also signed resolution (A/RES/65/155) to support the Secretary General’s efforts to strengthen violence prevention schemes for women. For children, elder people, and women earning less than the minimum wage, Argentina established Familia Argentina and Argentina Trabaja to promote social inclusion through cash transfer programs. Through these efforts, Argentina reduced the percentage of its population living below the poverty line to less than 20% in the past decade. Argentina is, therefore, fully aware of the

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