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Memo To: Troy Tuckett DBM/502 From: Beata Cable Date: [ 9/12/2011 ] Re: The security, legal, ethical, and privacy issues that relate to database systems. Database Systems and issues that relate to it. A database system is bringing a big value to the organization. Because it keeps all the necessary data organized and ready to use at any time important is to keep the databases system always in a good stand. Database systems in order to retrieve and keep all the data secure and available require some maintenance and a lot of human input, which can bring up some of the security, legal, ethical, and privacy issues. To overcome this issues organization should prepared and needs to identify, analyzes, and prepare the…show more content…
Because many information is stored in few places on the network machines, and many individuals has access to it, important is for organization to build the right architecture of needed database system and have the security policy in place before any of this will be used on a daily basis. The multilevel data distribution should be considered and have a few levels of security that allows not every individual access it to every data but only certain level of information. Architectural design plays important role in this step. Legal Issues Thinking about the legal issues can bring up many questions about what consequences may occur if the organization is not protected by the law in case of stolen data or attack to the database. One of the main issue that companies, individuals or database administrators can face or deal with when it comes to the database system is the copyright laws of the United States. Implementation. Implementation of data dictionary is one of a few steps, and it is very important for organizations to make sure what, what for and how they are going to use database management system in their organization. Planning is one of the few steps and should be taking as a first before the implementation will come in place. Designing of database system is the next step, and finally the implementation and
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