Daycare in Highschool Essay

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Daycares in High Schools Teenage girls having a baby while still in high school is a problem because the girls end up dropping out of school without getting an education; this can be solved by putting daycares in high schools so that teenage girls with children can come to class and get an education. Most parents of teen mothers want their daughters to finish their high school education, but the cost of daycare can make the path to graduation difficult. Finding daycare within a high school setting options can all help a teen mom finish her degree. This will help the girls better themselves and help them be able to provide for their child. With high school daycare programs at various schools in West Monroe Louisiana, teenage students / parents are able to bring their son or daughter to school with them, leave them with caretakers, and attend classes as scheduled. At the end of the day, teen parents pick up their child and then resume their parental caretaking responsibilities. Because funding is hard to from the government, I would only ask the government for a little amount of money. I would then set up a party for the community of West Monroe and ask for the rest of the help. I would also set up a website for everyone who could not come to the party and wanted to donate money. The website would also have a place where people could donate other things for the daycares. Teenage girls getting pregnant in high school and dropping out is a big thing. No parent wants

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