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Promotion * PVR Doing promotion in case of services is a very critical role which needs to be handled properly. PVR for its promotion is adopting various ways to attract its customers. PVR as a brand generally provide print advertisement on Friday giving out latest movies in theaters and their schedules. Many offers and discounts are also conveyed through newspapers and magazines. Any latest development in the cinemas is generally conveyed through media to the public. PVR is having collaboration with Airtel which have SMS and win contest services in which free passes are provided to the customers. General promotion tools used by PVR are: * Advertisement in TV with latest and upcoming movies in theaters along with various offers on it for first come basis * Hoardings are placed with bright painting showing latest offers on movies tickets and various contest to avail free movie tickets. * Newspaper advertisement is also done for latest movie releases * Various contest are organized by PVR to avail free coupons for upcoming or latest movies * Special print page is given on various magazines telling about latest developments and success of PVR along with various offers on movie tickets is also given * Special movie vouchers are given on purchase of online tickets in large numbers. * PVR is also providing various other offers if the customers is regular visitor of PVR cinemas special member zone is created for these customers and various discount offers are given to them. * Now PVR is also providing its luxurious auditorium for corporate parties and also private parties with ticket range in between 300 to 500 range. This concept is a great hit for PVR cinemas and is attracting many customers to PVR cinemas. * PVR is also providing offers fir visa card users if two tickets are purchased from the online site of PVR they will get one

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