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Liliana Heker’s, “The Stolen Party” Stolen Innocence: A Close Reading and Critical Analysis of Liliana Heker’s, “The Stolen Party” Heker’s “The Stolen Party,” is a short story about a young Hispanic girl named Rosaura. The main focus of this story is to bring attention to the social gap between people of different incomes, primarily between the rich and poor. The author tries to emphasize Rosaura’s plight while engaging the reader to see things through Rosaura’s eyes, the eyes of a child. Heker plays upon the innocence and purity of childhood to display the sometimes-invisible barriers of social classes in society. Rosaura is the main character in the “Stolen Party” and came from a poor family. One day she was invited to her rich study partner’s birthday party and asked her mother if she could go. Rosaura’s mother worked for the rich girls mom Senora Ines. She did not think it was a good idea for Rosaura to attend the party due to their social differences but her mom let her go anyway. Rosaura had a blast at the party; she won all the games and got to see the magician’s monkey ahead of time. She also helped out with the magician’s tricks and served cake. She felt very special by the end of the party but her happiness was crushed while leaving, when she did not receive a toy like the other kids. Instead, Senora Ines paid Rosaura for helping at the party. It was then that (to the despair of her mother) Rosaura was forced to open her eyes and face reality. It was then that she got her first taste of inequality. It is easy for us to sympathize with this little girl and her innocence, remembering our first experiences of not fitting in or being judged by others. The author plays upon the great pathos appeal of children all throughout the story. This is an excellent strategy because the destruction of youthful dreams and hopes is something looked down upon greatly
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