Dawn of the Dead vs World War Z Comparison Essay

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Both the film Dawn of the Dead, directed by Zach Snyder and text, World War Z: An oral history of the Zombie War written by Max Brooks’s, show how both the film and text explore the theme of survivalism. Max Brook’s author of World War Z directly reflects the theme of survivalism by demonstrating characters to build physical and mental requirements needed to survive, when director of Dawn of the Dead Zach Snyder, plots everyday life characters as strong and brave zombie survivor fighters who want to live and safe other peoples life’s. Both the Dawn of the Dead and World War Z, explore the characterisation of characters and their feeling and emotions, the setting of the story and the different symbols that may reflect other things throughout the zombie war. By relating these elements to the theme of survivalism, while also further used similarly and differently are developed through the theme of survivalism. In Dawn of the Dead and World War Z, characterisation is used to overstate and exaggerate the story being portrayed. Director Zach Snyder explores the theme of survivalism by plotting everyday life characters that are willing to protect themselves for others and creating stereotypes of characters of current society who will work together to defeat all enemies and threats surrounding them. Andre quotes “Hey, my man, you know, I heard you talking a lot. You know, you’re always saying something. Who the f**k are you that we should listen, huh? What are you like, in Special Ops? You in the marines? What the f**k do you do?” This quote shows the exaggeration of the characters, as well as the theme of survivalism as Andre not wanting to listen to Kenneth, to survive and live by his own rules. In relation to World War Z, the exaggeration of the characters shows the stage of events happening which is reflected by the Americans who are trained to fight against the

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