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Critical Reading Worksheet for Obama’s Speech Directions: Answer each question and cite each answer with page number(s). Be sure to write your name on this worksheet. 1) Who is the National Incident Commander? Admiral Thad Allen. (paragraph 1) 2) Who was telling Obama “heartbreaking stories about fishermen”? Mayor David Carmadelle. (paragraph 5) 3) Obama activated how many National Guard members? 1400 (paragraph 7) 4) What is the Small Business Administration doing to help? Approving loans, and differing existing loans payments. (paragraph 14) 5) What does Obama claim is “the bottom line”? Every decision we make is based on a single criterion -– what’s going to best protect and make whole the people and the ecosystems of the Gulf. (paragraph 25) 6) What website should people go to if they want to volunteer or help? www.whitehouse.gov (paragraph 26) 7) On page 55, Obama makes “a promise on behalf of a nation.” What is the promise? That the US gov will not leave the people of the Gulf Coast behind and will make sure to not forget until the coasts have been cleared. (paragraph 29) 8) What are the main points of the speech? When Obama lets America know that the US will do whatever it can to resolve the crisis, That they’ll take responsibility of what happened, and to let America know that they’re in it together 9) Where does the speaker explain the main points of the speech? Through the middle of the speech he drops in all of the main points 10) How does the speaker explain the main points? By giving a sense of urgency to the audience and letting them know the issue will be

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