Dawei Info and Effect to Thailand Essay

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Basic Information Dawei deep sea port & industrial estate project is the agreement between Thai and Myanmar for developing in industry and the means of transportation helping more convenient in goods transport which capital fund is more than four-hundred thousand million baht. There will be the link to Thailand in Banphunamron, Kanchanaburi Province which there will be many developments in infrastructures especially those that are related in both cars and railways transport making Thailand ready for this new port. On July 23rd, 2012, the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand and the Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the Comprehensive Development of the Dawei Special Economic Zone and its related project areas in order to further enhance the two government’s support and cooperation of the Dawei ProjectThailand's largest construction firm, Italian-Thai Development Public Company Litmited ( ITD ).has been granted a 75-year concession by the Myanmar government to develop this megaproject. This is the biggest project in this decade and in the region which is planned to be the manufacturing trading hub of Southeast Asia and South China responding to progressive trade and increase economic growth along with continuing demand for sea transportation in the Indian Ocean and Andaman Sea. Using the area of 205 square kilometers or 50,675 acres, Dawei is a large fully-integrated industrial zone with a sustainable industrial complex and fully-supported infrastructure & utilities separating in 7 zones which are Zone 1: Garment, Textile and Fashion Industries Zone 2: Electronics and Electrical Appliance Industries Zone 3: Rubber Industries Zone 4: Furniture Industries Zone 5: Plastic and Construction Materials Industries Zone 6: Tanning and Leather-based Industries Zone 7: Food and

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