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‘A Child Called “IT”’ By David Pelzer Abnormal Psychology Professor Sheeley February 9, 2014 ‘A Child Called It’ chronicles the harrowing tale of Mr. Pelzer’s experiences in one of the worst documented child abuse cases in the state of California. David recounts the heartbreaking abuses and torturous ‘games’ he suffered at the hands of his mentally unstable, alcoholic mother. The book is written from David’s perspective as a young child. He narrates in detail the ‘games’ his mother invented to torture him, and his feelings of sadness, disappointment, and heartbreak that ensued. David was the second child of five to Stephen and Catherine Pelzer. The Pelzers lived in Daly City, California and to onlookers would seem like a perfect,…show more content…
School has become his only escape from his living nightmare and horrid home environment. His mother begins to deny him food, forcing David to steal the other children’s lunches at school. David is often caught doing so, thus making his mother even more infuriated; as well as setting David up for relentless bullying from his classmates. By the first grade, David had become an outsider to his own family. He was no longer allowed to eat meals alongside his family, play with his brothers, watch television, leave the house, or look at or speak to anyone. His mother even stripped him of any sort of identity; he was no longer referred to as ‘David’, but instead was simply called ‘The Boy’. His sole purpose of existing was to be his mother’s slave: he was forced to constantly clean up after the family, scrub the bathroom, and was afterwards banished to the basement for the remainder of the day. His father continued in his attempts to fight for David, asking his mother to let up. However, these attempts only seemed to fuel his mother’s rage towards him; often resulting in increased intensity and severity of the beatings being inflicted upon…show more content…
His story remains a source of inspiration, resilience, and determination that a young boy had to survive. In addition to writing this book, David remains an advocate for victims of child abuse through awareness and prevention. He has received many awards in his efforts for child abuse awareness. He also is now a father himself, boasting that he was able to break the vicious cycle of abuse saying that his only guilt is “that of spoiling his son with love and encouragement”. David’s story illustrates the strength of the human spirit and the ability to keep his heart intact even through unbelievably extreme circumstances. He not only survived, but conquered and prevailed, never letting his feelings of anger and resentment defeat him and destroy his

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