David over Goliath Essay

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David Victorious Over Goliath Caravaggio’s painting of the Bible story; David Victorious over Goliath is an entirely objective work of art that was painted in the early part of his career. David and Goliath look so real in this painting; I feel as if I could reach out and touch them. The shades of color are completely bounded by the outline of David and Goliath bodies with such sharpness and elegance. Caravaggio’s use of light v’s darkness gives the appearance that David and Goliath emerge from the darkness with the fighting being right in front of you. It gives a very intense emotion of virtue over evil. The use of light color with shadow across David’s clothing makes it appear as if he is wearing silk. David was given such power in this painting with the definition of his muscles in his arms and legs even though he was a young boy. The broadness of Goliath’s shoulders coming out of the darkness is illuminated by his severed head disappearing back into the darkness. There is such softness to the painting as a whole given the harshness that it is depicting. When I first looked at this piece of art work, I felt that it was very gruesome. The more I looked at it with the lightness and darkness, the shadows that across David’s face and shoulder’s, and how the two bodies look like they are projected toward you that feeling quickly went away. It gave me a perspective of good v’s evil, boy v’s man, and right v’s

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