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Category|8,000 B.C.|Today| The methods used to choose leaders |They chose elder wiser men as their leaders.|Middle aged – Elder, experienced, | Characteristics of the leader |Wise, Elder|Charismatic, Intellectual | Size of government |110-300|Thousands – Millions | Government responsibilities |Keeping peace & harmony between the villages,|Keeping the peace, Money Management | The way the government deals with problems |They meet up with other leaders to try and discuss ways they can solve their problems|Discuss amongst other leaders,| Your own point of comparison |We still try to vote for older leaders, because we feel as if they will have more experience, or wisdom.|We have the United Nations, which is just…show more content…
This captures peoples attention, it exposes the truth. Ingrid Newkirk has done quite a bit for Animal Rights, and I think by her being so intense about everything, she’s gotten to where she is today. Jim Jones Just like Adolf Hitler, Jim Jones didn’t make some good decisions. But he is still a well known leader because of the way he captured so many people into his religious cult. Jim Jones was also a very charismatic man and kept bringing more and more people into his cult, It’s a scary thought to know someone just like you and me can have such leadership skills, to drive a large amount of people to commit suicide. Rosa Parks Rosa Parks is quite the influence on many people, especially back then when she stood up exactly for what she believed for, which was equality. Rosa Parks is quite the woman, she refused to get up from her seat which was reserved for the “white man”. Being an elderly woman Rosa Parks, still tried standing her ground when she was dragged off the bus. This was a very large movement even though it seems so small. Rosa Parks is quite the

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