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This Is Water Name; Institutional Affiliation; Date The Main Idea of the Speech David Foster Wallace offered a commencement speech in the spring of 2005 at Kenyon College which soon went viral over the internet against intellectual arrogance and the need to exercise self control over how individuals think and what they think (Wallace, 2005). Wallace began his speech by a parable; According to Wallace, there are two young fish swimming, and they happened to meet another older fish also swimming towards another direction. The fish nodded at the two small fish and said,” Morning, boys. How is the water?” As the two young fish swim, one eventually asks the other,” What the hell is water?” (Wallace, 2005) Wallace in his last sentence…show more content…
He adds on the parable of two men who apparently were talking in a bar at the Alaskan wilderness. He alleges that one of the men was religious while the other an atheist and they fall into an argument of the existence of God (Daniel Kahneman, 2011). Wallace uses the moral of this story to challenge his readers on how to construct meaning out of an experience. I agree with the fact that individuals create and hold on to dogmatic beliefs without subjecting the idea of thought and considering what may apply in our lives. I believe my experience as Liberal Arts major at Ashford has given me a deeper view of what education truly is and has changed my perception of education. Before entering this institution, I believed education was the only key to finding job opportunities and with the knowledge I have acquired, my views have changed on this factor. I have learned the value of putting a thought in everything I believe and as Wallace alludes, though is not all about capacity but the critical choice of what to actually think. In a nutshell, Wallace sheds of the fallacies and ideologies that different cultures and belief systems allude to on the matter of liberal arts education (Gregg Ten Elshof, 2009). This is a clear indication of the need to change perception and to apply education in every aspect of our lives. Indeed the

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