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David Glasgow Farragut was born on July 5th, 1801. James Glasgow Farragut. This was his real name at birth. Farragut was born at a place known as Campbell Station then, and now it is known as Lowe’s Ferry, which is roughly ten miles away from Knoxville, Tennessee. Jorge Farragut, James’s father, was a United States army and navy officer . James was born an innocent and carefree young boy, but soon enough he would become one of the most well known heroes in the history of the United States. James father was born out of a sea faring family that lived on an island called Minorca off of Spain. Jorge emigrated to America in 1776 and was in the revolutionary war before James was born. James mother, Elizabeth died in 1808 when James was at the immature age of seven. Being so young still after his mothers death and with his father growing older, a family friend and commander by the name of David Porter informally adopted James with permission his father. James was to be trained for later on in life. Two years after being adopted James was appointed as midshipman at only nine and a half years old. While sailing with Porter on the Essex during the War of 1812, James changed his name to David after David Porter. So there was born a new person. David Glasgow Farragut, one of the greatest men ever in the Civil War. David saw his first combat at the age of eleven and commanded a vessel at the age of twelve. From 1815 through 1820 David served in the Mediterranean and temporarily commanded the brig Spark. David’s father sadly died in 1817 while he was in the Mediterranean. In 1821 David passed the midshipman’s exam. For about two years after that from 1822 through 1824 David hunted pirates in the Carribean with his adopted father, David Porter. For a short time after hunting for pirates David commanded the schooner named the Ferret. On September 2nd in 1824 David married

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