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Have you ever heard the singing story of David Cook? That epic story on how David Cook played at the seventh season of the American Idol amazed not just American viewers but also viewers across the globe. David Cook went to AI auditions in Omaha, Nebraska not for the sole purpose of being an American Idol but to support his younger brother who did not make it to fly to Hollywood. Sooner, a random show producer noticed him while his mother and brother convinced him to audition. David Cook’s first audition: www.youtube.com/watch?v=toQydhGCw7c That audition of David Cook was the start of his singing-song writing career. It is the beginning of an unexpected journey that turned out like a hurricane for him. We never really know what would happen next, the best thing is to go with the flow and let it soar high just like what David Cook did.…show more content…
The video below is his guest performance at the American Idol stage for season 12. If you are a singer and/or an American Idol fan, you can read well how good David Cook improved on his singing. David Cook’s guest performance:

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