David Birnbaum's Essay 'The Catbird Seat'

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Tom Dou Egn. Comp. 1 10-24 Exemplification Essay In his essay, "The Catbird Seat", author David Birnbaum relates to his experiences as a quadriplegic. Birnbaum who was always strapped to his wheelchair, learns that his new place in society is a person with a disability. Although Birnbaum doesn't strongly express it , his essay reveals that there is so much more to those who have a disability than what everyone sees and judges. People who have disabilities are not as helpless as we often imagine them to be. Birnbaum does not complain or put pitty on his disability, he is always sarcastic in a sense and wittingly views it as something to claim to certain rights, claiming his disability is only fair…show more content…
He relates the experience of being favored over a pregnant woman and how that made him feel. Birnbaum discovering that the world rarely looks at him with pity, sympathy or compassion, he realized that this is all that they may see. That he has accepted his disability. "I have a successful career and live independently". Birnbaum said in his essay. "I wanted people to treat me like everyone else", but people didn't. Next, Birnbaum decides to take advantage of his situation instead of feeling sorry for him self. He cut corners, pretty much beat the system. He would sneak in alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, and took advantage of people's concerns with his appearence by happily accepting different things. For instance, he would accept flight upgrades and even took home grocery baskets he would never pay for. Birnbaum would even cut in lines, get out of speeding tickets and even being able to arive late to work . He knew that people treated him differently because of his disability, but it did not bother him. He moved forward with his life caring little

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