David Beckham's Effect On American Soccer

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Evan Holwick Professor Lidman English 102 March 25, 2008 David Beckham’s Effect on American Soccer David Beckham is one of the most famous futball (soccer) players on the earth. He is known worldwide and was recently known for coming to America to play soccer. He signed a contract with the L.A. Galaxy for 250 million dollars, which is the highest signed contract in sports. Besides that he will make about $1 million a week for endorsements and commercials, the biggest in sporting history. The United States is not known for our soccer performance, as we are actually one of the weakest countries. His decision to come to America brought soccer to international attention. With a single act Beckham made Americans take a second look at…show more content…
There was a lot of hype surrounding the Galaxy and David’s first game in Los Angeles. The stadium was packed with raging fans, celebrities and sports critics. David wasn’t seen warming up until about ten minutes before the game was over, when he stood up and took off his warm-ups, the crowd went crazy and started chanting “Beckham, Beckham.” He played for thirteen minutes and was made fun of for being hurt after his first game. He has not yet played a game longer than that of his first night. ESPN and other sports networks are starting to wonder if it was worth the $250 million that the Galaxy spent to bring him to America. According to (ESPN), David coming to America has been a big mistake and hasn’t changed the way we look at…show more content…
He has changed it in many ways, by helping our soccer organization, our fan base, and the way people look at soccer. Soccer was known as only an international sport. America didn’t know the vas amount of people that watch and love soccer in other countries. We only look at our football, baseball, and basketball as our favorite sports to watch. America makes fun of soccer for being an unchallenging sport, and for it not hard-hitting like football, or as original as baseball and basketball. David Beckham’s move to America was the first move that made soccer in America known to the world. It made people stop and think twice about soccer in the United States. Were it not for Beckham’s move to American soccer, it would probably still dwell in relative anonymity. The economic and cultural effects that Beckham’s move have created will not be fully known for years to come, but it is a

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