David Bean V Dvorce Case Summary

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Divorce Decree Brandon D. Pierce Kaplan University PA250-02 Professor Toni Starcher July 1, 2011 In The District Court of BUFFALO County, Nebraska Patty Bean, ) Plaintiff, ) Case Number: CI 05 424 ) Vs. ) DECREE OF DISSOLUTION ) David Bean, ) Defendant. ) On the 7th day of July, 2011 this matter came on the final hearing and the Court, after being fully advised in the premises, hereby finds, orders, adjudges and decrees as follows: 1. APPEARANCES: The Plaintiff was represented by Brandon D. Pierce, the Defendant filed a Voluntary Appearance. 2. JURISDICTION: At filing, the Plaintiff resided in this county, and Plaintiff now resides in this County. The…show more content…
8. DOCUMENTATION: Each party is ordered to execute and deliver to the other party such documents as will be necessary to transfer all of the interest of the party not receiving the property to the party who shall receive the particular property under this Decree. In the event that any party fails to execute and deliver such documents within thirty (30) days of this Decree, this Decree shall have the effect of a conveyance and/or release under NEB. REV. STAT. § 25-1304, as amended, with the same effect as though the appropriate documents of conveyance or release had been executed and delivered in conformity with this Decree. 9. DISSOLUTION: All reasonable efforts to reconcile have been made and there is no reasonable possibility of reconciliation. The marriage of the parties is irretrievably broken and there is no hope of reconciliation and should be, and hereby dissolved. a. For purposes of review by appeal, upon the date it was

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