David and Goliath Essay

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David and Goliath The battle of David and Goliath and its effects is a story that goes against all laws of nature when David defeats the giant Goliath because of his strong belief in God. David’s life as a person and follower of God is totally changed after this great battle between himself and Goliath. Israel and the Philistines had been waging battle in the foothills of Ephes-dammim. The Israelites and Philistines were stationed on opposite sides of the Wady. David comes into the story when he was just strolling along trying to find his three older brothers to deliver them some food when he heard the commotion of a battle. He kept hearing the Philistine warrior named Goliath challenging the Israelites to a duel. Not one man would accept the duel against Goliath because they were all intimidated and in awe of his sheer size and strength. It is said that Goliath was about nine and a half feet tall. That size would frighten any man. David then found out what the reward would be for any person who fought and defeated Goliath, so he decided to accept Goliath’s challenge in a duel. He turned to Saul for his armor, but Saul was much bigger than David so it wouldn’t fit him. David then decides to trust in his abilities and go into the duel with only a slingshot. Before entering the duel, all his brothers tried to get him to realize what he was doing and stop him before he got killed because they had no faith in him. As David approached, Goliath laughed at the fact that David would actually think he could win. With one shot from David’s sling the duel was over. David left with Goliath’s head and sword in both hands. David’s faith in God was the overriding factor in this victory. David had no chance of winning without his trust that God would protect him and his people. This victory struck fear into the eyes of the entire Philistine army, and from then on out they

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