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David Copperfield The novel “David Copperfield” by Charles Dickens, tells a story of a young boy named David, who is an orphan. This novel reveals several different themes such as the importance of family, one of the most significant moments in the novel of which is the death of David’s mother, “She is dead” (Dickens 114) at the beginning of the novel we learn that David’s father had died when he was just a baby, however at this moment David still had his dear mother. When reading this quote I can really place myself into the mind of David, he is a young boy who is now left with no father and now not even mother; he is left as an orphan. David is left alone in the world now, having no other family to turn towards he must feel abandoned and very alone, as I imagine this is how I would feel especially at his age. Before the death of Clara Copperfield (David’s Mother), we are introduced to Mr. Murdstone, the man who later marries Clara. After the death of David’s Parents, he is left with Mr. Murdstone in his house, it is suggested that David goes to work with Mr. Mudstones’ friend Mr. Qunion in the wine-bottling industry, “Those terms are that you will earn enough for yourself to provide for your eating and drinking, and pocket money” (137). Now that David has nobody to look after him he must make do on his own, we must remember that David is only eight years old and is being put into the wine industry which is something that would not happen today. In this time and day a boy at that age would never be sent into such an industry. After the death of David’s mother Pegotty seems to take on the role of Clara, or perhaps she has been a mother figure to David since Pegotty has been with the Copperfield’s, which most likely means that David has a very close relationship with Pegotty. Pegotty is what at first saves David from Mr. Murdstone; however this is later taken away

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