Dave Pelzer A Child Called It Analysis

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A Child Called “It” By: Dave Pelzer You are a nobody! An It! (Pelzer 140) These are the disgusting, ruthless words that came from Dave Pelzer's distasteful, cold-hearted mother's mouth. This is a heart wrenching true story about a small child's will to survive. This is the unthinkable and unbelievable third worst child abuse case ever reported in the state of California. This is about a young child who is a “prisoner of war” in his own home. It shows his terror, depletion, isolation, torture, fury, and his hope and will to exist and his journey through the dark insanity of his mother's rage. Dave lived in a world of torture, hungrier, and brutality from a small child until he was saved at age 12 by the boldness of school personnel. Dave…show more content…
His most memorable trip is going to the cabin on Russian River. Halloween and Christmas were special times for him and his brothers. His mother became depressed and started drinking. During her drinking episodes, she would take out her ill feelings on Dave. He would be ordered to stand in the corner of his mother's bedroom and he knew better than to move or ask to be released. His mother's behavior became unpredictable. She would sleep most of the day only getting up to cook meals or get herself another drink. On the days when his mother got dressed and put on her makeup, he knew his life would be more comfortable. On other days, Dave tried to elude any attention. He is no longer made to stand in the corner of his mother's bedroom but he is made to stand for hours in front of a mirror. His mother would smash his face against the glass and pressure him to frequently say, “ I am a bad boy!” His older brothers, Ron and Stan, would ignore him. Dave was sent to search for items in the house. This was often an all-day adventure. His mother punched him in the face causing him to have a bloody nose because he forgot what he was looking for. He would never find any of the items she sent him to look for. Dave knew he was safe if his father was at home until both of his parent's started drinking together for hours, often until everyone was in
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