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Executive Summary The company has seen a banner year last year, but sales in the first quarter were down by 12% compared to previous years. To encourage more sales it is proposed that the company hold a goal achievement celebration that recognizes and rewards employees that are making their sales target and recognizes employees that are exceeding expectations. The goal is to encourage further sales and revenue stream in quarter three with the understanding that employees will continue to be rewarded and recognized for their hard work. To do this, it is proposed that the company host an event at Dave and Buster’s where food, entertainment, games, and awards can be given out. The event will begin with appetizers and drinks in the company’s…show more content…
Promotional Materials Invitations will be sent out two weeks before the event to all sales people who have met targets for the second quarter. The invitations will be targeted to the employees, managers, and significant others. Due to the adult nature of Dave and Buster’s there will be no children present at this event. The invitations will look something like the following…show more content…
The follow up reminder will be: This reminder will go into more detail about what the event will have in ways of drinks, food, and activities. Risk Factors There is an allergy risk with any food event, however we have been assured by Dave and Buster’s that all effort will be taken to factor any allergies into account. The menu already makes allowances for those attending who might be vegetarian, gluten free, vegan, Adkins, or kosher/halal. As we promote safe drinking practices there will be a safe ride home service offered to employees and their significant others if they choose to drink that evening. As this is an indoor event we don’t have to directly worry about the weather unless in case of emergency. If the area is put under a tornado watch, flood watch, or other severe storm watch, Dave and Buster’s has agreed to reschedule at no additional cost for a future time not intersecting with any major holiday event. Menu Appetizers | House Salad and Caesar Salad (V, Vegan)Antipasto alla Caprese Salad with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and roasted peppers (V, GF, A) | Main Courses | Rosemary Roasted Chicken Breast (GF, A)Classic Vegetable Lasagna (V)

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