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Do you want a daughter to have a good relationship with her mother? Wonder what it is like to have a daughter not yelling, sneaking out late or even lying to you. Well, I got some great tips for you. One great way to have a great relationship with your daughter is by talking to her not at her. For example, if your daughter does something you really do not like such as staying out late. You should try to sit her down and say "Baby girl I know that you like out late, but in this house we have rules." She may or may not like your response but she will know you are doing it out of love for her. Another way you can sit down and say "honey I know what you have been sneaking out late at night. “She will say no I have not been, but she knows is busted because someone is caught. You would ask why you have been sneaking out. Her response I just want to hang with my friends that is all mom. You look at her and say sweetie, in our state, we have a curfew and you disobey that curfew bad outcomes will come in your way. When you disobey that curfew, you will end up in jail for disobeying that curfew. She just looks at you say yes ma’am, I understand what you are saying. In this example, you should not yell at your child because they will act out more and probably disobey you more. Another example, so you and your daughter to have a great relationship do not let her lie to you. When you let her lie to you it is not a great thing because she thinks she is in charge and get away with anything you would not let her. An example, your daughter has stolen something of yours such as makeup and not realize it until you need it. Then you would be wondering why does my fifteen year old wear my makeup now? You think she has stolen it from me. You ask your fifteen year old daughter, “Why do you have my makeup?” Then you would wait to see if you get a response out of her. She replies “I

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