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Data Waehousing 02 Data Warehouse - Basic Concepts DW 2014/2015 Notice ! Author " João Moura Pires ( ! This material can be freely used for personal or academic purposes without any previous authorization from the author, only if this notice is maintained with. ! For commercial purposes the use of any part of this material requires the previous authorization from the author. DW Basic Concepts - 2 Bibliography ! Many examples are extracted and adapted from " [Imhoff , 2003] - Mastering Data Warehouse Design : Relational and Dimensional Techniques, Wiley. " [Kimball, 2002] - The Data Warehouse Toolkit: The Complete Guide to Dimensional Modeling (Second Edition), from Ralph Kimball, Margy Ross, Willey DW Basic Concepts - 3 Table of Contents ! Corporate Information Factory ! Quick overview of OLAP cube concepts ! Basics of Multidimensional Modeling DW Basic Concepts - 4 Data Warehouse - Basic Concepts Corporate Information Factory DW - Basic Concepts - 5 Strategic and tactical portions of a BI environment. [Imhoff , 2003] Corporate Information Factory DW Basic Concepts - 6 Corporate Information Factory Architecture [Imhoff , 2003] Corporate Information Factory DW Basic Concepts - 7 CIF: Data Acquisition - (ETL) [Imhoff , 2003] Data acquisition is a set of processes and programs that extracts data for the data warehouse and operational data store from the operational systems. The data acquisition programs perform the cleansing as well as the integration of the data and transformation into an enterprise format. This enterprise format reflects an integrated set of enterprise business rules that usually causes the data acquisition layer to be the most complex component in the CIF. In addition to programs that transform and clean up data, the data acquisition layer also includes audit and control processes and programs to

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