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Computer Databases Lameshea Jordan Professor Dauz CIS 106 November 9, 2013 Databases 1 Databases The storing of data in tables of rows and columns is known as a relational database. The use of key fields establishes the relationships between the tables which the database is fully broken down into multiple tables. Structured Query Languate (SQL) is used in an RDBMS to manipulate the tabular data. Disaster recovery planning is one of the main reasons a relational database system is needed. Disaster Recovery Plans are kept in one place in the database, in addition should any item change, the data would only need to be changed once and is automatically instantaneously reflected throughout the database and the Disaster Recovery Plan. Relational databases assist in the ease of maintenance, access, reporting flexibility, and support during recovery, other applications, ease of use and installation, and logical structure. The ease of maintenance is looked to be the most important characteristic of disaster recovery with relational databases. The task of keeping the information in a company’s plan is never ending once a plan is developed. It is common for companies to get rid of their existing recovery plan every two or three years because their computer system is considered obsolete which can become a costly project to replace. Normalization process efficiently organizes data in a database. The goals of the normalization process is to eliminate redundant data ( for example, using more than one table to store the data).and ensuring data dependencies. Databases 2 These goals are needed to reduce the amount of space a database consumes and ensures the data is logically stored. The technique of normalization is used when a database is being designed or redesigned. Data developing acts as a

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