Database Security Essay

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Database vulnerability scanning with database activity monitoring products Database is the heart of any company or website as it is the place where all the vital information about the company is stored. With the development of technology, it has also become easy for hackers to crack the security code and gain access to the database, leading to leakage of important data. It has become absolutely essential that a scanner is installed to keep monitoring the vulnerability of the database and the activity being extended at the database level. A database vulnerability scanning is implemented based on long years of analysis of the vulnerabilities at the database level and the techniques adapted by the hackers to access the database. A great level of security experience and technology has been put into developing the scanning. A database scanner will be able to scan a huge number of database configurations that are not properly applied and also vulnerabilities leading to leakage of passwords and Trojan. Essential features: Some of the features of the database scanner are management of systems, projects, scanning of security features and finally reporting management. The risk trend management helps in finding the risk trends by creating a “database structure fingerprint”, and finding out any changes at the database level by a baseline scanning. The configuration of the database and the objects the database contains are examined minutely with the help of the regulations installed in the scanner and these are updated automatically. The scanner will also be able to assess the password strength with the help of the password dictionary within the database. The scanned database configuration is compared with the patch information of the database. When a database vulnerability scanner is used to monitor the database activity, the authorized users will be able to add,

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