Database Security Essay

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INDEX Page no 1. Introduction 2. LITERATURE SURVEY 3. SYSTEM ANALYSIS 4. SYSTEM DESIGN 5. IMPLEMENTATION 6. SYSTEM TESTING 7.CONCLUSION 8. BIBLIOGRAPHY CHAPTER - I 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1About the Project Existing System • In classical cryptography, three-party key distribution protocols utilize challengeresponse mechanisms or timestamps to prevent replay attacks. • However, challengeresponse mechanisms require at least two communication rounds between the TC and participants, and the timestamp approach needs the assumption of clock synchronization which is not practical in distributed systems (due to the unpredictable nature of network delays and potential hostile attacks) . • Furthermore, classical cryptography cannot detect the existence of passive attacks such as eavesdropping. This fact can then be used to reduce the number of rounds of other protocols based on challenge-response mechanisms to a trusted center (and not only three-party authenticated key distribution protocols). Limitations of Existing System Disadvantage of separate process 3AQKDP and 3AQKDPMA were provide the authentication only for message, to identify the security threads in the message. Not identify the security threads in the session key. Proposed System In quantum cryptography, quantum key distribution protocols (QKDPs) employ quantum mechanisms to distribute session keys and public discussions to check for eavesdroppers and verify

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