Database Management Systems Essay

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The database in use currently at my employer is RetailIQ developed by IQMetrix. This database consists of many different pieces of information for the business. The piece that affects me the most is the customer database and the inventory database. The customer database holds all of our customer’s personal information like phone numbers, addresses and sales history. The inventory database allows me to see what items I have on hand at my location as well as my other locations. It also gives me the items that are on order and have not been received yet. Both of these databases are critical to the everyday operation of our business. RetailIQ also houses our POS which is a big part of our operation considering we are a retail store. This integrates the customer database and the inventory into one point to complete a sale. The customer database is important to me as a manager because I can track customer purchases, make follow up calls and send promotional material to everyone in the system. I have the ability to run promotional campaigns and to only select customers within a certain zip code or city. I have run into some issues with this off the shelf software that seems simple but was unfortunately over looked. The first is consistency in the database, meaning when a new customer is entered in it does not correct punctuation and it also is not case sensitive. This leads to duplicate customers and different sales histories. When I have different sales histories and duplicate names it means that I am campaigning to the same people more than once. In turn, wasting money and possibly angering the customer because they have already been contacted once. There are also human errors like adding the wrong name to the database, because we have to match the records of T-Mobile we need to enter the account holder’s name. This means that just when a person has a phone on someone

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