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Database Environment Paper DBM/380 November 3, 2013 Database Environment Paper Smith Consulting has sent out a request looking for an IT company as they are in need of a database which will track their consulting staff and help keep track of each staff member’s skill sets. Smith Consulting has also asked to make sure that this database also keeps track of which projects each consulting staff member is working on, ensuring that they stay ahead of the curve. Smith Consulting is an organization located in Houston, Texas which provides information technology services to clients across the western portion of the United States. Smith Consulting information technology focuses are in the area of networks and communication, databases and application programming. This company was founded in 1984 by Blair Smith and three other associates that came with him from his firm in order better serve the clients he had in accounting. Several things need to be identified before this project can move forward. First the database environment needs to be analyzed. “A thorough understanding of your computing environment helps you determine the scope of your SMS implementation project. Having accurate information about your physical network infrastructure and the issues that influence your network operations is critical to many of the decisions you make as you plan your SMS deployment” (Step 2 Analyze Your Environment, 2013). The purpose of analyzing the database environment is to get an initial understanding of where the company needing the database stands and in what situation the company is in currently based on the results of the study. This step is also important as it expands on why the company needs to update their database which could be for multiple reasons such as a system failing or simply being very outdated. This analyze should also be able to determine a reason for the

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