Database Design Paper

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Explain what database systems are and how they are used. A database is a large repository of information consisting of records, files, and objects that are used by a number of different applications. Database Systems are designed for the creation, use, and maintenance of a database. Many different database models can be used through the Database Management System. Some examples of database models that are widely used are relational and object models. Such models simplify locating, and organization data through the use of database query languages. Define Database Architecture. Consider Microsoft® Access®, Microsoft® SQL Server®, Oracle®, and IBM DB2® software as possible examples. Database architecture allows for multiple end users to access information on the same database simultaneously. The architecture used by an organization is often determined by the operations performed by the organization. Each operation performed could possible require a different level of detail, or view such as visual forms. An effective database architecture includes three stages or levels; internal, conceptual, and external. Some database models such as the relational model require these levels to be separated. Summarize your paper by describing the database systems in you workplace, identifying which database systems and architecture they fall under. I am currently unemployed, but have been introduced to the database model used by the tech management system at a recent job. The tech management system was used to keep up with current computer work orders. This system provided structured, and unstructured information. The structured information consisted of phone numbers, address's, and computer models. The unstructured information consisted of information related to the issue found with the computer. This system uses a relational database architecture. The relational
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