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Database Analysis Your name CIS/207 May 17, 2012 Prepared for Database Analysis All businesses use some form of a database program. In the call center that I worked in, we had multiple databases, depending upon the task we had to complete. All of our databases had to work in a high volume environment since multiple call centers all across the globe had to access them. Originally when I began working there, everything was in legacy form, but that soon transformed to a GUI interface. The database of choice (although not the only one) that was used was Oracle ®. Oracle provides many different versions of it's program such as standard edition, enterprise edition and express edition. The business I worked in used the enterprise edition but no one was able to tell me which version. The newest version, according to Oracle's website is Oracle database 11g release 2 ( This newest version assists DBAs with storage issues by integrating SAME (stripe and mirror everywhere). Previously DBAs were forced to figure out how to most effectively store an exponential amount of data so that it as efficient as possible. SAME distributes data equally across the database's storage array and then mirrors it on multiple disks. My company has DBAs although nobody in my center knew exactly how many. Since our company is a contractor for Verizon, the DBAs worked with not only our software but Verizon's as well. The in house and Verizon software did not "talk". All of Verizon's software and data we proprietary so there was no data exchange permitted. Our in house software was not geared toward customer use, it was more for applications like Human Resources accessibility, corporate notifications and the like. The Verizon software that everyone in the center used on a daily basis was called CoFEE. This was the main application that was built

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