Database Analysis

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In this paper I will analyze the use of databases in an organization. First I would like to discuss what a database is. The term database is correctly applied to the data and data structures themselves, and is different from the Database management system which is a software system that allows to store and change the database (i.e., the data), as well as retrieve information from it. The structure of a database is generally too complex to be handled without its DBMS, and any attempt to do otherwise is very likely to result in database corruption. Database management system’s are packaged as computer software products: well-known products include the Oracle DBMS, Access and SQL Server from Microsoft, DB2 from IBM and the Open source DBMS MySQL. Each such DBMS product currently supports many thousands of databases all over the world. The next matter to discuss is why does business use database. Businesses uses databases to help them speed up the productivity process and to automate the subsystems. A well-designed database is a powerful tool for improving your business by providing required information at your fingertips. A database is increasingly becoming an essential tool for doing business as it provides an efficient means of data flow between various personnel and departments. Some indicators that a database could be very beneficial are if you do a lot of repetitive data-related tasks. To add to that if you keep gathering up the same data over and over. Another reason is if you have one or more customers (or part numbers, delivery dates, whatever) to keep track manually. Being able to have correct, current customer (part number, schedule, whatever) information right at your fingertips is very important to your ultimate business success. Final reason a business should have a database is if you have to keep reviewing the same data but in different

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