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Name of Company: Team name: Contact Number: Address: Situational Analysis Objective of the Company China Delight has been formulated to provide and serve with customers with fast, delicious and well prepared food. The company’s major aim and goals are to offer people/customer the best Chinese and Jamaican culture of food in Manchester, as the company is sets out to offer the best quality Chinese and Jamaican food on a daily basis for a moderate prize. China Delight will operate at the best and most effective way while maintaining the Chinese and Jamaican culture of cooking is order to achieve their goal, providing a welcoming and a good customer service in a clean environment which will result in customer’s satisfaction that will lead to the success of the company. Company Structure China Delight is a small business that only has one located in the heart of Mandeville, Manchester. The management is low level management with a manager and a supervisor that is responsible for ensuring the daily operation is carried out effectively. Most of the customer population are from people go about their daily life looking for a fast and delicious meal. Company Operations The company Operation are sales of variety of different meals, food are prepared for customer on the go who desires delicious home cook-like based meals. The Restaurant operates on from Monday to Friday at 8: 00 AM to 9: 00 PM, during operating hours each customer can make one or more orders containing one or more meals. Each employee can have one or more position in the company and each work position is assigned to one task at a time. In order to ensure a productive and effective day information on: the amount of ingredients available is needs, Employees present at work is need, the total income made at the end of the day should be known, and orders in query should be known.

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