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Hi, my name is Divyank Jain and I am from a city called Indore in India. I came to the United States in January 2014 to pursue my Masters’ in Information System and Technology Management. I did my undergrad in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I also worked for a couple of years, before coming to the United States, in the software industry. I worked on development of websites using HTML and CSS. A lot of people have amusing experiences in their lives. I remember all the funny things that happened to me, even from kindergarten. However, if I must chose the funniest, then it would be the one which happened to me at a hospital when I was a child. This interesting story took place when I was 11 years old, but it makes me to laugh even today. I had some disease (Jaundice) which required long hospitalization in those days. Children like me were hospitalized without parents because in such a considerable age they could be responsible for themselves. To my regret, I had a name of rare occurrence, therefore many people pronounced it incorrectly. Knowing this fact, I became accustomed to reply when I heard similar if not exactly name. During the hospitalization I had to receive some or the other treatment every day. I remember when the nurse came to my five –patient room in order to call for people for medical procedures. As always, I heard a name which was sounded like mine but not exactly mine, since I was a new patient so I thought it is my name, so I went with her and received treatment included injections. To my surprise, after four hours the same nurse came to call another person for treatment but now she spelled my name correctly. I replied again to my name, she was astonished to realize that previous treatment was intended not for me. Finally, I started to laugh how incautious I was receiving treatment for another boy. Additionally the expression of the nurse

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