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Database Applications * Linking Databases to the Internet * Data warehouses and Data marts * Strategic business intelligence * Place data at different locations * Online processing and open connectivity standards * Object-oriented approach * Unstructured data such as graphics, audio, and video Data Warehouses * A database that holds business information from many sources in the enterprise, covering all aspects of the company’s processes, products, and customers. * It provides business users with a multidimensional view of the data they need to analyze business conditions. * It allow managers to drill down to get more detail or roll up to take detailed data and generate aggregate or summary reports. * It is specifically designed to support management decision making, not to meet the needs of transaction-processing systems. Advantage of Data Warehousing * The ability to relate data in innovative ways. Disadvantage of Data Warehousing * Difficult to establish, with the typical cost exceeding $2 million. Data mart * Subset of a data warehouse * It brings the data warehouse concept to small and medium-sized business and to departments within larger companies. * It contain a subset of the data for a single aspect of a company’s business (e.g., finance, inventory, or personnel) Data mining * An information-analysis tool for discovering patterns and relationships in a data warehouse * Its objective is to extract patterns, trends, and rules from data warehouses to evaluate proposed business strategies. Predictive analysis: Combines historical data with assumptions about future conditions to predict outcomes of events such as future product sales or the probability that a customer will default on a loan. Common Data Mining Applications Business

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