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The organization I work for is Rainbow Graphics. This is a small business of four employees focus mostly on computer graphic designing, printing, signs, and video editing. The use of database is very important for this company. Without database, this company cannot operate and most likely lose customers to competitors. The database is very valuable to this organization that company keep them in hard drives and storage media such as CD, DVD and BD-Rom. Two of the most important database company safeguard are years of saved works and customer information. In general, “A database is a set of data that has a regular structure and that is organized in such a way that a computer can easily find the desired information” (The Linux Information Project, 2006). The database system has many benefits. Company can save money by buying fewer supplies such as papers and boxes. Another benefit of using database is save time on searching and retrieving files. Before, company didn’t use database for customer information, order history, and contracts because everything was done with pen and paper. When client who wanted to print poster from two years ago, the emplyee manually had to look for the hard copy of the contract and files, which was time-consuming. By using the database, employees can easily retrieve files and print. Sharing database over the network can synchronize the work and help everyone to access files easily. Using a database is safe for long term storage and save office space. The box full of files and papers can occupy too much office space and exposed to fire hazard. This organization has been using FileMaker Pro from year 2006. Since then, company spent tremendous time on migrating old data and files to new database system. Our organization chose FileMaker Pro after spending time on researching. We needed a

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