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Introduction Database Systems: Design, Implementation, and Management Ninth Edition Why Databases? • Databases solve many of the problems encountered in data management – Used in almost all modern settings involving data management: • Business • Research • Administration Chapter 1 Database Systems • Good decisions require good information derived from raw facts • Data is managed most efficiently when stored in a database • Databases evolved from computer file systems • Understanding file system characteristics is important 2 • Important to understand how databases work and interact with other applications 3 Data vs. Information • Data are raw facts • Information is the result of processing raw data to reveal meaning • Information requires context to reveal meaning • Raw data must be formatted for storage, processing, and presentation • Data are the foundation of information, which is the bedrock of knowledge 4 Data vs. Information (cont’d.) • • • • Data: building blocks of information Information produced by processing data Information used to reveal meaning in data Accurate, relevant, timely information is the key to good decision making • Good decision making is the key to organizational survival 5 Introducing the Database • Database: shared, integrated computer structure that stores a collection of: – End-user data: raw facts of interest to end user – Metadata: data about data • Provides description of data characteristics and relationships in data • Complements and expands value of data • Database management system (DBMS): collection of programs – Manages structure and controls access to data 6 Role and Advantages of the DBMS • DBMS is the intermediary between the user and the database – Database structure stored as file collection – Can only access files through the DBMS Role and Advantages of the DBMS •

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