Data Networking Essay

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Positive and Negative impact of internet on the way we do business: Best known innovation in business technology is internet. When it comes to globalization of business the only tool made it possible is nothing but internet. With the help of internet business delegates can communicate easily can be easily with their associates in any part of the world. One does not needs to be present personally to solve any kind of issues at a particular branch doesn’t matter even if the branch is outside the country. Business meetings, conferences etc is possible from any place where internet is accessible ; there is no need to be personally present at the meeting. But if this is positive impact of internet on business then if we look at other side we come to know that these impersonal meetings can effect business relationships in long run. Say if I do a business of shares and if I get automated response from stock exchange company about my queries then if after certain point of time if I don’t find the response acceptable I may refuse doing business with that company. These impersonal meetings can sometimes give a chance to acquire unreliable information and data from any unlicensed sources. The other place where internet is blooming is e-commerce. It makes almost everything possible at our door step, we can buy, sell or rent anything in any part of the world. So in this fast moving life people prefer to shop online and due to this the small stores sometimes get neglected or feel the competition of showrooms. Sometimes it even happens that some of these stores go out of business. With the help of internet exchange of money is possible electronically from any corner of the world. No doubt these electronic processing of money is made with ultra high level of security but there is always a threat of getting hacked. There is something unwanted, unsolicited messages known as spam

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