Data Mining Essay

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In today’s business environment, businesses must be able to sift through and analyze massive amounts of data to gain a competitive edge over their competition. Utilizing data mining techniques, businesses are given the ability to analyze data from different points of view and turn it into useful information that can be used to increase revenue, cut costs, or both (Jason.Frand, n.d.). In today’s environment, competitive businesses use what is known as “Predictive Analytics” to perform mining and analysis of their data. In fact, predictive analytics is a form of data mining that if used properly can automatically sort and index a company database to create a predictive model based off corporate knowledge (Eric Siegel, 2005). Predictive Analytics use business intelligence technology to produce a score known as a predictor, which is a measurable value for every customer or organizational element. Once data records such as where, when, and how purchases are made are correlated, a predictive predictor or score is created. This predictor, in conjunction with other information, can assist in informing businesses what actions to take in order to get the consumer to purchase the goods they are offering. In fact, the proper utilization of predictive analytics can optimize marketing campaigns, improve web site behavior, reduce customer response times, increase revenue, and cut costs. The way companies and customers interact and perform their daily business has changed throughout the years. No longer are there mom and pop local deli, the bar where everyone knows your name, or the little old shopkeeper who knew everything about his customers and how to interact with them when they entered the store. Now, understanding your customers behavior and purchasing habits has gotten a lot more complex, and reaction to their wants and needs must be swift and accurate. To be successful in

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