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Data Mining DATASource is a small company that is at the edge of innovation. We are located just a few minutes away from Downtown Los Angeles in the city of Montebello. We were founded in 2005 by 5 new students from ITT in San Dimas, Ca. Data mining has been a great tool in which companies can rely to sell, upgrade, produce and innovate product from tooth brushes to the next I pad. Our findings are the bread and butter of the companies.. Find out what your customers’ needs are and with all the data pin point market and produce it. Or maybe change something about what you already made. If the desired data does not meet the standards. All the company has to do is change or correct the product to achieve desirable outcome. We aim to have companies discover new and re discover relevant insights on what your clientele needs. We analyze data that will be useful to desired projects. This will make you act quickly and save time with accurate results. This is done thru various methods. SEMMA is an acronym that stands for Sample, Explore, Modify, Model and Assess. It is a list of sequential steps developed by SAS Enterprises. Sample the data by creating a target data set large enough to contain significant information yet small enough to process Explore the data by searching for anticipated relationships, unanticipated trends and abnormalities in order to gain understanding and ideas. Modify the data by creating, selecting and transforming the variables to focus on what is really important to the customer. Model the data by using analytical tools. Combining data companies now can predict a desirable outcome. Assess the data and models by evaluating by looking and evaluating the usefulness and reliability on the finding from the data mining process. We follow same model as SAS enterprises.(per Our rates depends on

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