Data Mining Essay

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Introduction Data mining is about discovering knowledge in a area or topic an process of finding out an area of work in different point of view and summaries it into useful information. The information gotten must be able to be useful to regard cutting cost, efficiency or effectiveness of achieving goals, increase revenue and maybe both or all of it. (anderson 2012) Data mining come with software too normally use by enterprise or companies for analyzing data defining relationship in such as product, own staff skill, sales and also customer satisfaction from internal to external factors. Once determine the impact on a specific area the company can then drill down and making summary information. (anderson 2012) So what is CRM ? CRM is Customer Relationship management, it is a strategy which use by most consumer focus business companies designed to help company attain great result in operational, reduce cost, maintain competitive agility and increase profitability by retaining and acquiring customer. In order to build and maintain customer relationship a company must be able to continue improving customer loyalty, solidifying customer satisfaction and gaining customer insight. (destinationcrm 2010) But what and how did the company able to do it? and here come the main topic, when combined both data mining and CRM you have 'Data mining for CRM' Data mining for CRM The reason for using data mining for CRM is because more and more companies are starting to view customer as their primary asset as technology growing fast it also become more appropriate and valid. In order to manage well with the customer the company needs to do data mining to find the correct information which subject concern to customer needs such as discover meaningful patterns and rules in customer then organize it and analysis example like grouping each insight such as classification,

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