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Corporate Finance 3rd Bimester/Quarter Term 2007/2008 MBA Instructor: Paulo Soares de Pinho Short Biography: Lic. Economia (UNL); MBA (UNL); PhD Banking and Finance (Cass Business School). Associate Professor (UNL); Coordinator of the Post-Graduate Programmes in Finance and in Law and Management; Former Director of the MBA Programme (UNL); Consultant to several financial institutions and former Executive Board Member of REN, SA; President of the General Council of Fundo de Sindicação de Capital de Risco; Representative Director of Venture Valuation (Zurich). Contacts: email: COURSE AIMS This course aims to introduce the fundamental principles of Corporate Finance. Although the course will be mostly devoted to the theoretical aspects of the field, a strong emphasis is made on real-life applications. We cover all the elementary tools of finance, with a focus on value creation and measurement, the importance of risk evaluation and its impact on value and the main determinants of corporate capital structure. A modest use of case-studies is employed to reinforce the understanding of practical applications. LEARNING OBJECTIVES A. Knowledge and Understanding: • The role of financial markets in the economy • Time-value of money • Value creation and destruction and capital budgeting analysis • Risk and return on financial markets • Capital market efficiency • Optimal corporate capital structure • The impact of leverage on risk and return • The interaction between investment and financial decisions • Corporate dividend policy … B. Subject-Specific Skills: • Perform elementary financial calculus • Prepare and execute a capital budgeting analysis • Determination of the cost of capital for corporations and projects

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