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Data Logger Essay

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1.0 Introduction

      2.1 Objective

A data logger is an electronic instrument that records environmental parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, light intensity, water level and water quality over time. Typically, data loggers are compact, battery-powered devices that are equipped with microprocessor input channels and data storage. Most data loggers utilize turnkey software on a personal computer to initiate the logger and view the collected data.
A data logger is used to collect readings, or output, from sensors. These sensors could be measuring industrial parameters such as pressure, flow and temperature or environmental parameters such as water level, wind speed or solar radiation. Today there are sensors available which can measure virtually any physical parameter. Senors have been developed to measure gas pressure within human cells to cloud height and density. Most sensors are based on physical and chemical theories that have been discovered long ago, such as the theory of partial pressure of gasses, the Doppler theory and metal resistance changes with temperature. Most environmental sensors were developed from sensors designed for industrial applications such as process control (refining, milling, distilling, etc.). Therefore many environmental sensors are designed with the same characteristics as industrial sensors such as 4-20 mA output & 12 VDC power supply.
Data logger monitoring temperature use for:
  * Help reduce disease and losses, by monitoring the conditions for livestock
  * Monitor the storage temperatures of animal feedstuffs
  * Record data for the assessment of transportation conditions for livestock

      2.2 Problem Statement
During road transoport, weather condition (temperature, humidity), loading density and duration of the trip are importatn factors, all capable of influenceing the condition of the animals (Augustini, 1976;Hails, 19978, Lewis et al., 2005) On long trips of 2-3...

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