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Data Modeling for Healthcare Systems Integration: Use of the MetaModel Jack E. Myers, BSME, MS, MBA President, The Metadata® Company "Problems can not be solved with the same knowledge with which they were created." Albert Einstein ABSTRACT Presented is a new approach to solving the critical healthcare systems integration problem. The premise is that any significant level of healthcare systems integration requires the development and use of a common data model. And, this requires the use of a new type of data modeling technology. The degree of healthcare systems integration possible is dependent on the capabilities of the data model employed. Experience has shown that traditional data modeling technology, such as that based on relational database theory and Entity-Relationship (ER) diagrams, does not possess the necessary functionality, nor is it robust enough to define and structure complex data environments, such as healthcare, in an unambiguous and meaningful way. The need is for a data model based on concepts like the Metamodel developed by The Metadata Company. The practical innovation of the Metamodel is in its ability to represent data structure in a simple and concise way. Because the Metamodel is based on a data language, it can relate units of meaning as well as the more traditional database records. Importantly, it is not tied to any one computer or database technology like other data models. It is believed, the Metamodel, or something like it, must be used to bring together knowledge of industry data before substantial healthcare systems integration can occur. The Metamodel can be easily combined with other system development tools and industry standards to achieve a level of healthcare systems integration not previously possible. The Metamodel has been rigorously tested in the "real-world" and has adequately handled all application environments and

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