Data Dictionary Essay

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Functional Group A Data Dictionary Purpose The purpose of this document is to provide detail to the entities contained in the Functional Group A database of the MIS 330 Design project as well as their attributes. This document will be used to create the new database for the retail management team. The data dictionary is a supporting document used to assist with future maintenance of the database Retail management data Definition The retail management data model is a graphical representation of the data structures that will be required by the retail side of the leasing company. The data model focuses on what data is required and how it should be organized rather than what operations will be performed on the data. Furthermore, the data model is independent of hardware or software constraints. It serves as a bridge between the concepts that make up the business processes and the physical representation of those concepts in the database. |Entity: Agent | |Attribute |Key? |Type |Data Summary |Example Data | |Agent ID |PK |uniqueidentifier |Unique ID assigned to|45664 | | | | |each agent | | | | | | |45584 | |Agent Name | |varchar (60) |Name of agent who is |Tim Grey | |
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