Data Collection Standards Memo

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Data Collection Standards DBM 381 October 28, 2013 MEMO To: Technical Services / Logistics Manager for Taylor Ambulance From: Date: October 28, 2013 Subject: In regards to the Data Collection standards and practices This memo is to inform the Taylor Ambulance company of the standards and practices involved with the data collection methods in the health care industry. Bringing standards to data collection should be a primary concern for any business, but it should be on the forefront of every manager’s mind within the health care organizations. To be efficient in data collections, businesses must be able to face numerous challenges head on instead of waiting for them to appear later. There can be many challenges that companies face when attempting to collect data. These challenges can consist of race, ethnicity, and the types of languages spoken by patients (AHRQ, 2010). Having a standardized way of collecting this data will improve operation efficiency immensely, especially when designing and building an efficient database. In every field of business, you will be able to find databases being utilized; healthcare is not singled out, in this case. Even though the technology behind databases are improving and evolving, the health care relational database system infrastructure is on the forefront of technological advancements. Collecting data from patients has always been the prime way of getting information into the databases, but in what ways have we tried to get the information from them? There are always the New Patient forms, but there are other ways of getting information from patients that will give you a better outlook on your patient’s health. You are able to utilize avenues such as billing records, health surveys, medical records from previous doctors, and even public or private data collection systems (AHRQ, 2010). With all this
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