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Data Collection Paper Data Collection Paper Introduction Ballard Integrated Managed Services Inc. (BIMS) is a business that provides housekeeping, food services and maintenance to corporations and institutions including Douglas Medical Center. BIMS has been contracted by the medical center for three years and just completed an additional five year contract negotiation proving the medical center is very pleased with their work. Barbara Tucker is the General Manager working for BIMS that oversees the working relationship between the two companies and has recently been made aware of the increase in the turnover rate of employee’s but has no idea what is causing this. Purpose The purpose of finding out the cause of the higher turnover rate is to gain insight to fix what is broke and to learn if there are any additional reasons for employees leaving the company other than what they have shared in their exit interview. Research Question What is the cause for the increased turnover rate and what can BIMS do to reduce it from 64% back down to 55-60% as it was before. What method would give us the data and information needed to repair the issue? Hypotheses By improving the area that the survey indicates, will only decrease the dropout rate of employees back to its normal. Instrument(s) used for Data Collection There are many ways to gather data such as participating in the situation, perceiving directly, interviewing, and analyzing documents, and material culture and surveys. The easiest and most effective method used today to collect data is through surveys. There are many types of surveys; customers can simply go online, fill out paper surveys in person or over the phone. Usually surveys online and on paper are done wishfully by customers. There are many customers that like to provide feedback about their experience whether it is good or bad. Phone

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