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Data Collection Team C QNT/ 351 April 13, 2015 Dr. John Foster Overview BIMS, which is overseen by general manager Barbara Tucker, provides housekeeping and foodservices to different businesses and corporations all over. BIMS which stands for Ballard Integrated Managed Services Inc. is responsible for over 5,000 daily meals to their staff members as well as to the public but only employs just over 400 employees. With both full-time and part-time workers, BIMS cannot seem to keep employees on their payroll. There is an annual turnover rate for BIMS which is typically 55%. During the past three to four months the turnover rate has increased to over 60%. In efforts to get to the root of the issue causing the high turnover rate, management at BIMS has been unsuccessful. The employee attendance is low at BIMS, and there has been an increase in sick leave. Workers are performing very poorly and it has created a number of complaints from clients. Data Collection Instrument When collecting data from the employees, a survey instrument was given to try and get the workers to express their views and feelings about their jobs at BIMS. The survey begins by asking the employees' how do they feel about their position, the relationship they may have with their boss, how long they have worked for BIMS and what division they work in. When doing these surveys, there seemed to be communication issues between the staff, long hours, and not enough pay. This survey tool was used to gather information on opinions, feelings and satisfaction levels on different people. Types of Data The types of data collected are both quantitative and quantitative data. The data was collected by employees answering questions on information that was written on paper for them. The first few questions on the survey were in quantitative form which is set-up in multiple choice forms. The next set of

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